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Wednesday, September 4

Grilled Salmon
with lemon cashew cream
baked tomato provencal + herb bread crumbs + parmesan OR tomato provencal + GF DF crust
green beans + roasted artichoke hearts

Roasted Bone-In Chicken Breast + Pan Juices
summer succotash + fresh green beans + tomato + corn + onion
butter lettuce + herb salad + vinaigrette

Vegan Entree
Whole Roasted Beet
with grilled figs + walnuts
chickpea ‘socca’ pancake
tahini greens


Seasonal Salad

watermelon + lime + mint + baby lettuce + arugula (feta optional)

Seasonal Soup

white bean + vegetables + basil pistou garnish

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Later Event: September 9