January Bistro Menu



monday, January 7

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Breast
with sage + white wine pan sauce
orzo pasta + lemon + pine nuts
OR grilled cauliflower + lemon + pine nuts
roasted brussels sprouts + balsamic

Grilled Angus Beef Sirloin
poblano pepper + pecan pesto
roasted sweet + gold potatoes
steamed green beans + garlic olive oil + sea salt


Seasonal Salad

romaine caesar + lemon parmesan dressing + baked parmesan chips + roasted cherry tomatoes (DF option available)



Wednesday, January 9

Bastrop Cattle Co. Beef Stroganoff
with mushrooms + dill sour cream + buttered egg noodles
OR dairy-free beef + sauteed mushrooms + cashew cream + GF/DF noodles + olive oil
steamed local broccoli crowns

Seared Wild Salmon
green olive tapenade
winter tabbouleh + quinoa + dried cranberries + sunflower seeds
sautéed red cabbage + bacon
(bacon free available)


Seasonal Salad

baby lettuces + apple + butternut squash + honey lemon dressing


carrot ginger soup



monday, January 14

Hot & Crunchy Chicken Strips
with mango sauce
rice pilaf + coconut milk
steamed snow peas + carrots


Garlic Thyme Brined Boneless Pork Chop
mashed potatoes + milk + butter
OR dairy-free cauliflower mash
broccolini + dried cherries


Seasonal Salad

red leaf + oranges + roasted beets + pistachio vinaigrette + feta cheese (optional)



Wednesday, January 16

Seared Snapper (or similar)
with sauce romesco (roasted tomato + peppers + almond puree)
parmesan polenta cake
OR dairy-free polenta cake
organic asparagus (ready to roast) + garlic oil


Chicken Ginger Meatballs
sesame lime rice noodles + carrots + chili lime cashews
bok choy stir fry

Seasonal Salad

baby spinach salad + pear + sliced almonds + pomegranate vinaigrette


cauliflower + roasted garlic soup



Monday, January 21

Angus Hanger Steak
with caramelized onions
roasted russet potato wedges with aioli
chopped salad with romaine + endive + walnuts + dried cranberries + balsamic dressing


Stacked Chicken Enchiladas
with green chili sour cream sauce + jack cheese
‘refried’ black beans
grilled veggies + cumin

Seasonal Salad

bibb lettuce + avocado + grapefruit + honey-lime dressing + pumpkin seeds



Wednesday, January 23

Blackened Pink Shrimp
with lemon butter sauce OR dairy-free lemon olive oil sauce
cheddar garlic grits OR dairy free grits + almond milk
sautéed collard greens

Grilled Brined Chicken Breast
with caper salsa verde
spaghetti squash + garlic olive oil
garlicky brussels sprouts

Seasonal Salad

kale salad + golden raisins + sunflower seeds + ginger dressing


cabbage soup with tomato & beef stock

Monday, January 28

Pan Seared White Fish
with chimichurri
chili lime whipped sweet potatoes
green cabbage + cumin seed + sweet onion


Petite Grass-fed Beef Meatballs
in marinara sauce 
fresh fettucine pasta
OR gluten-free butternut squash ‘noodles’
steamed broccoli

Seasonal Salad

romaine lettuce + crispy chickpeas + radish + green goddess (or DF herb vinaigrette)

Wednesday, January 30

Roasted Chicken Leg Quarter
cheesy baked quinoa OR quinoa pilaf
sauteed spinach

Pork Tenderloin
with red wine cherries
cauliflower mash (dairy free)
green beans + caramelized onions

Seasonal Salad

baby lettuce + wild rice + toasted pecan + apple + apple cider vinaigrette


lemon chicken + rice soup

Add-on Paleo Bread

You can add paleo bread to your Monday orders!

Our paleo loaves are made with organic Paleo blend flour and are gluten-free & dairy-free ($18/loaf).

This month's gluten-free & dairy-free paleo bread options are:

Paleo ‘Wonder’ Bread

Cinnamon Spiced Breakfast Loaf

add-on Soups

You can also add soups to your Wednesday orders!

All soups are gluten-free and dairy-free. ($24/quart, serves 2-3)

This month's options are:

Jan 9 - Carrot Ginger

Jan 16 - Cauliflower + Roasted Garlic

Jan 23 - Cabbage Soup with Tomato + Beef Stock

Jan 30 - Lemon Chicken + Rice Soup