March Bistro Menu



monday, March 4

Lemon Zest Chicken Breast
roasted carrots + coriander
sautéed kale + garlic

Brined Grilled Pork Tenderloin Medallions
with whole grain mustard
mashed potatoes OR cauliflower mash
steamed green beans


Seasonal Salad

local baby greens + hot house cherry tomatoes + chickpeas + shallot vinaigrette



Wednesday, March 6

Cornmeal-Dusted Cod
with herb butter sauce OR dairy free herb sauce
baked polenta fries OR dairy free polenta fries
cole slaw + caper vinaigrette

Grass-fed Beef Meatballs
in marinara sauce
spaghetti squash OR local made pasta
steamed broccoli


Seasonal Salad

baby spinach salad + apple + crispy bacon + warm balsamic + crispy parmesan


sweet potato bisque + poblano pepper pesto



monday, March 11

Vietnamese Shaking Beef
with Texas Angus flank steak
basil + chopped peanuts
sesame lime rice noodles + steamed sweet potatoes + kale


Chicken Pesto Penne Pasta
with pesto sauce (milk) + parmesan bread crumb topping
OR dairy-free basil cashew cream + gluten free pasta
sautéed spinach + toasted pine nuts + lemon


Seasonal Salad

baby lettuces + roasted butternut + feta cheese + pecan herb dressing



Wednesday, March 13

Herb de Provence + Red Wine Braised Lamb Shoulder
dijon roasted root vegetables
(carrots + parsnips + potatoes + beets)
grilled asparagus


Turkey Chili
with black beans + tomato + mexican crema garnish
corn pancakes
chopped romaine hearts + cilantro lime dressing

Seasonal Salad

roasted beets + avocado salad + baby greens + pumpkin seeds + agave lime dressing


roasted tomato soup + chipotle + beef stock



Monday, march 18

Seared Snapper (or similar)
with sauce romesco (roasted tomato + peppers + almond puree)
spanish egg ‘tortilla’ + gold potatoes + green peas
roasted brussels sprouts + golden raisins + white wine

Grilled Chicken Breast
kale pesto (dairy free)
lemon orzo pasta + pine nuts OR butternut noodles + pine nuts
garlicky broccoli (ready to roast)

Seasonal Salad

red leaf lettuce + dried cranberries + toasted walnuts + balsamic vinaigrette



Wednesday, March 20

No Bistro Service

Monday, March 25

Hot & Crunchy Chicken Strips
with mango sauce
roasted sweet potato wedges + coconut oil
steamed broccoli


Deviled Grilled Sirloin Steak
with charred peppers + onions
herb roasted new potato wedges
grilled green beans

Seasonal Salad

marinated kale salad + grated carrots + sunflower seeds + ginger dressing

Wednesday, March 27

Pulled Pork Roast
cauliflower cheddar gratin OR grilled cauliflower
collards + bacon

Veracruz Style White Fish
with tomatoes + caper
coconut rice pilaf
steamed greens + carrots

Seasonal Salad

butter lettuce salad + pear + sliced almonds + pomegranate vinaigrette


chicken soup + broccoli + brown rice

Add-on Paleo Bread

You can add paleo bread to your Monday orders!

Our paleo loaves are made with organic Paleo blend flour and are gluten-free & dairy-free ($18/loaf).

This month's gluten-free & dairy-free paleo bread options are:

Herb + Olive Oil Paleo Bread

Dried Cherry + Toasted Almond Paleo Bread

add-on Soups

You can also add soups to your Wednesday orders!

All soups are gluten-free and dairy-free. ($24/quart, serves 2-3)

This month's options are:

March 6 - sweet potato bisque + poblano pepper pesto

March 13 - roasted tomato soup + chipotle + beef stock

March 20 - No Bistro Service

March 27 - chicken soup + broccoli + brown rice