May Bistro Menu

Wednesday, May 2

Seared Alaskan Halibut
risotto bianco
(DF available)
grilled green beans + white balsamic


Pulled Pork Roast
macaroni & cheese
(DF/GF available)
collard greens +bacon


Seasonal Salad

red leaf lettuce + sliced carrots + dried cranberries + white wine vinaigrette + pine nuts

Monday, May 7

Thai Basil Chicken Breast Sauté
coconut rice pilaf
ginger mirin bok choy


Grassfed Beef Meatballs
with basil pesto
baked polenta fries + parmesan
(DF available)
garlicky brussels sprouts


Seasonal Salad

steamed snap peas + sliced radish + arugula + lemon dressing

Wednesday, May 9

Seared Wild Salmon
with cucumber dill relish
quinoa pilaf + tomato + garlic + mint
broccoli (ready to roast)


Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken
with sage pan sauce
grilled asparagus
caprese salad + cherry tomatoes


Seasonal Salad

roasted baby beets + whole grain mustard vinaigrette + frisée greens + chopped walnuts

Monday, May 14

Semolina-Crusted Pork Cutlets
with blistered tomatoes + capers
(GF pork available)
orzo pasta +lemon zest
kale + pine nuts + olive oil


Grilled Wagyu Beef
with chimichurri
roasted beets
new potatoes + sweet potato steak fries
steamed broccoli


Seasonal Salad

baby lettuces + blueberries + toasted pecans + honey white wine vinaigrette + chevre (optional)

Wednesday, May 16

Roasted Bone-In Chicken Breast
broccoli cheddar rice
(or DF rice pilaf + steamed broccoli)


Grilled Shrimp
with mango pico de gallo
spanish rice (or brown rice)
tomato + garlic + cumin
kale + pepitas


Seasonal Salad

chopped romaine + chipotle caesar + baked corn tortilla strips + cherry tomatoes + black beans

Monday, May 21

Harissa Pepper Rubbed Fish Filet
(ready to bake)
cauliflower 'rice'
spice roasted carrots + snap peas


Parmesan-Crusted Pork Tenderloin
(DF pork available)
roasted roma tomatoes
layered spinach + squash + zucchini gratin + cashew 'ricotta'


Seasonal Salad

caesar salad + lemon parmesan dressing (DF caesar + cashew)
garlic ciabatta croutons (or GF paleo bread croutons)

Wednesday, May 23

Garlic Herb Grilled Chicken Breast Wrap
romaine lettuce leaves + shredded carrots + garlic aioli
new potato salad + herb vinaigrette + green peas


Grilled Grassfed Sirloin Steak
cheddar twice-baked potatoes
(or roasted steak fries)
green beans + cherry tomatoes


Seasonal Salad

butter lettuce + strawberries + almonds + honey-lemon dressing

No Bistro Service on Mon, May 28
(Memorial Day)

Wednesday, May 30

Grilled Grouper (or similar)
with lemon butter + fresh corn
(or DF lemon vinaigrette + fresh corn)
broccoli parmesan gratin (or DF roasted broccoli)
steamed carrots + parsnips + spinach pesto (DF)


Hot & Crunchy Chicken Breast Strips
with mango sauce
rice pilaf
snap peas + summer squash


Seasonal Salad

red leaf lettuce + cucumbers + pickled red onion + sun gold tomatoes + dill vinaigrette

We are now offering the option to add paleo bread to your order!

Our paleo loaves, prepared by pastry chef Lauren Ross, are made with organic Paleo blend flour and organic eggs ($18/loaf).


This month's options are:

Maple Raisin Paleo Loaf
Seeded Paleo Dinner Rolls ($12/half dozen)