September Bistro Menu



Wednesday, September 5

Ginger Minced Pork Bowl
with scallion broth
ginger texmati rice OR brown rice
stir fry zucchini + mushrooms + sesame + tamari


Cornmeal Crusted Cod Fish Tacos
with tomatillo sauce + corn tortillas + shredded cabbage slaw
'refried' black bean puree
green beans + cumin + tomato


Seasonal Salad

shredded zucchini + cantaloupe melon salad + honey lemon dressing + toasted pine nuts



Monday, September 10

Grilled Sockeye Salmon
with sun dried tomato pesto + pine nuts
orzo pasta + lemon + pine nuts OR gluten-free pasta
farmer's market sauté + squash + tomatoes + peppers


Green Chile Pulled Beef Brisket
with pickled onion + radish garnish
cheesey quinoa OR quinoa pilaf (DF)
cumin roasted carrots


Seasonal Salad

baby spinach + spiralized carrots + sunflower seeds + golden raisins + apple cider vinaigrette



Wednesday, September 12

  Hot & Crunchy Chicken Strips
with mango sauce
coconut rice pilaf + coconut oil + onion + coconut milk + chicken stock
steamed snow peas + carrots


Turkey Meatballs
with organic marinara
spaghetti squash + garlic oil OR organic penne pasta
baby broccoli (ready to roast)


Seasonal Salad

caesar salad + baked parmesan chips + cherry tomatoes + lemon parmesan dressing
(DF dressing available)



Monday, September 17

Coconut Crusted Shrimp (GF)
zucchini noodles + red curry sauce
grilled snap peas + lime zest 


Grass-fed Beef Meatloaf
in tomato sauce
country style mashed potatoes (DF available)
steamed green beans + sea salt


Seasonal Salad

greek salad + cucumber + peppers + cherry tomatoes + roasted chickpeas + olives + herb vinaigrette + feta cheese (optional)



Wednesday, September 19

Pan Seared Grouper (or similar)
with baked artichoke hearts + white wine
baked tomato provencal + parmesan bread crumb stuffing
(or with GF/DF crumb stuffing)
grilled zucchini + balsamic + garlic


'Stacked' Chicken Enchiladas
with green chile sour cream sauce + corn tortillas + jack cheese
(DF option: green chile braised chicken breast + crispy tortilla strips)
sautéed spinach + pumpkin seeds
avocado + tomato salad + red onion + lime

Seasonal Salad

chopped kale salad + apple + roasted sweet potatoes + sherry vinaigrette



Monday, September 24

Grilled Deviled Flank Steak
with peppers + onions
baked gold potatoes + chive sour cream
(or with DF chive cashew cream)
steamed broccoli


Pecan Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
with red wine cherry pan sauce
butternut squash + carrot hash (DF available)
caramelized zucchini


Seasonal Salad

butter lettuce + roasted beets + grilled pear + honey shallot dressing



Wednesday, September 26

Roasted Bone-In Chicken Breast
with sauce romesco
(spanish style tomato-based sauce with almonds)
paprika roasted gold + sweet potatoes
caramelized brussels sprouts


Blackened Snapper (or similar)
with lemon butter sauce
cheddar grit cakes + bacon jam
sautéed greens + roasted red onion

DF option:
lemon olive oil sauce
DF grit cakes
sautéed greens + roasted red onion


Seasonal Salad

arugula + roasted butternut squash + pine nuts + shaved parmesan + white balsamic dressing
(DF available)

Paleo Bread

We are now offering the option to add paleo bread to your order!

Our paleo loaves are made with organic Paleo blend flour
and are gluten-free & dairy-free ($18/loaf).


This month's gluten-free & dairy-free paleo bread options are:

Breakfast Bread with Cherry + Pecan
Paleo Loaf with Rosemary + Sea Salt